Recess Fitting

It will dependent you have timber steel or concrete as a window lintel, however screws and plugs will be supplied with your blind.

  1. Measure the depth of the handle (if there is one) to ensure the brackets are fitted forward enough to allow the blind to operate without hitting the blind. For Most windows this is normally about 90-100mm.
  2. Mark with a pen where the bracket holes will be. The drill a 3mm pilot hole. If you go into wood then use the screws to fix the brackets. Otherwise you will need to drill a bigger hole and use plugs for fixing.
  3. To fit the rail into the top brackets ensure the front is in first then push the rail up into the back of the brackets until you hear a click. If you have the twist type brackets then lock it into position. If you have the box type brackets then you can open one of the brackets and keep the opposite side closed. Slot it into the closed side first then close the unlocked bracket.
  4. Ensure the blind operates properly.